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Control Upgrade for NC Benders

Control-A-Bend was designed specifically for controlling and enhancing the performance of NC (Semi-Automatic) Tube Bending Machines. Customers tell us that Control-A-Bend is easier to use, is more reliable, and better supported than any other control on the market. This control is the perfect replacement for all versions of the Pines Dial-A-Bend. Control-A-Bend works on any NC bender including Pines, Conrac, Leonard, Wallace, Di-Acro, and others.

Faster Setups

Manual angle stops are eliminated, and bend angle adjustment is no longer a matter of time-consuming trial and error.

Increased Production

The operator no longer needs to keep track of and rotate the manual angle stops to match the next bend angle. Control-A-Bend automatically advances the bend number and updates the display.

Better Accuracy

Bend angles can be programmed to .1 of a degree. A high resolution optical encoder is used to feedback bend angle degrees to the control.

Less Scrap

Since bend angle adjustment is no longer a matter of trial and error, your material scrap rate will decrease significantly. The Springback test routine and calculator can also be used to reduce scrap.

Proven Reliability

Control-A-Bend uses only the highest quality components are used to help ensure maximum reliability.

Easy to Use

Plain language menus allow for quick and easy operation. No numeric codes are required.

Control-A-Bend Control CAB-2 Bend More

Control-A-Bend - Bend More Feature

This unique feature allows the operator to correct an under bent tube and avoid scrapping it. The operator is able to enter an additional bend angle, re-clamp, and re-bend a tube. Prototyping as well as production bending shops benefit from this functionality.

Increases Production and Quality

  • Quick and easy to program and operate
  • Eliminates manual bend angle stops
  • Extremely accurate and repeatable

More Uptime and Longer Bender Life

  • Industrial, off-the-shelf components are used
  • Heavy-duty push button switches (No custom made membrane pads)
  • The best support in the industry

Enhanced Functionality

  • Automatic and Manual bending modes
  • Unique "Bend More" feature
  • More programmable functions than any other control
Control-A-Bend Control CAB-2 easy to operate

More Features Than Any Other Control

  • Stores 1000 part programs
  • Programmable bend angle resolution is .1 degree
  • Plain language menus for easy operation
  • Production counter
  • Real-time bend arm position display
  • Springback test and calculator
  • Automatic and Manual bending modes
  • Programmable bend arm deceleration
  • Programmable mandrel lube frequency and duration
  • Programmable mandrel oscillation
  • Programmable mandrel modes
  • Early mandrel extract eliminates mandrel marks
  • Late pressure die assist start
  • Early pressure die assist drop out
  • Programmable clamping sequences
  • Programmable unclamping sequences
  • Multi-pass bending allows use of short pressure dies
  • Unique "Bend More" feature
  • Resume from safety zone without scrapping the part
  • Resume from E-stop without scrapping the part
  • Extensive Safety support includes 2-hand operation
  • Interfaces to safety mats or laser scanners
  • Support for safety air clamps
  • And more...
Control-A-Bend Control CAB-2 Pines

What's Included

Control-A-Bend Control CAB-2 what you get

What You Get

  • The highest performing and most popular control on the market
  • Rugged and reliable hardware to add long-term life to your bender
  • Engineering expertise - Control-A-Bend is backed by engineers that have many years of experience with control systems, software, and tube bending.
  • Detailed Installation Manual
  • User's Manual
  • Electrical schematics
  • 2-year warranty
  • Best tech support in the industry. With engineers in Colorado, Tennessee, and the United Kingdom, we cover the MST, EST, and GMT time zones.
  • Long-term support. With over 1800 tube bender controls in the field worldwide, we are here to stay.

Heavy-duty pushbutton switches are used for recurrent operations instead of membrane switches or cheap touch screens that are prone to early failure.

Optically isolated I/O modules provide high noise immunity while increasing reliability and bender up time.

Heavy-duty, industrial, oil resistant, high resolution encoder is used to provide optimum performance and repeatability.

Differential line driver interface for encoder is built into the controller to provide optimum noise isolation.

Control-A-Bend Control CAB-2 high quality parts
Control-A-Bend Control CAB-2 quick disconnect

The Control-A-Bend attaches to your bender’s electrical box using a heavy-duty quick disconnect. Screw terminals are used to easily wire the bender’s solenoids and sensors.


Control-A-Bend Images


3RC bender

With Safety Air Clamp Feature


Pines 4 aircraft bender

Special version bender at Senior Aerospace


Pines 2 bender

Replaced Dial-A-Bend


Pines 4 bender

With under nose Split Die Actuator for Extrusion bending


3RC bender

High Speed Bend Arm


Conrac 270 bender

Replaced competitor's control with Control-A-Bend


Pines A3 Aircraft bender

With Arm Lock Feature


Pines 1 bender

Replaced Dial-A-Bend


Frequently Asked Questions

Our Pines benders are obsolete, will Control-A-Bend be able to replace them?

Yes, it is the perfect replacement for all versions of the Pines control.

What are the main differences between Control-A-Bend and Dial-A-Bend?

Customers tell us that Control-A-Bend is easier to use, more reliable, and better supported than  Pines benders.

Will I need to ship my bender somewhere to have Control-A-Bend installed?

No, our control can be installed onsite at your location. This will save you money on trucking costs and also reduce the amount of time your bender is down.

Can we install the new control ourselves?

Yes, many of our customers install the control themselves. We have a comprehensive installation guide and we are also happy to provide remote assistance if needed.

Do you provide installation services as an option?

Yes. In some cases our customers are too busy or not comfortable installing the control themselves.

How long does it take to install the control on a typical Pines bender?

We can normally install and test it within 2 days.

Will Control-A-Bend work on any of my tube bending machines?

Control-A-Bend will work on any rotary draw, semi-automatic (NC) tube bending machine. We also make a version that works on the Pines vertical press benders.

Why should I choose Control-A-Bend?

Customers like our Control-A-Bend because it is so simple to use, reliable, and well supported. In addition, we use heavy duty push button operator switches instead of custom membrane pads that need to be replaced often.

What about support?

You will have unlimited phone and internet support from experienced engineers in our offices in Denver, Nashville, and the UK.

How long has Current Tech been in business?

Since 1988. With over 1800 tube bender controls in the field, we are here to stay.